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About Us

HengXinLong Welcome To You

Flexible Packaging Bags & Pouches

Premier Manufacturer in China

 Dongguan Hengxinlong Packaging Material Co., Ltd. Being a versatile manufacturing company that offers all types of laminated and customized printed bags and pouches;

The USA and Europe are our main markets. We manufacture and supply packaging bags&pouches used in the packaging of food products, beverages, industrial products, chemicals, medical products, and agricultural products.

With more than 26 years of experience in the packaging industry and 20 years of experience in product exportation, we can proudly say 30 plus industries have enjoyed our services.

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                         Main    Products


Stand Up Pouch


Hengxinlong Stand up Pouches Supplier |

Stand-up pouches are a multi-layer(more than 2 layers film) laminated pouch, with a bottom gusset that can stand up on the shelf while filling with the product inside. Which is the most common use pouch in the nowadays flexible packaging market.

All materials used are food-grade, FDA approved, and BPA free

A shaped pouch also can be an option for standing on Shelves or table

Valve and spout, handle, window option available, with positive spout closure and degas ability

Puncture resistant, heat sealable, moisture-proof, leak-proof, suitable for freeze, and reportable ability

Our advantage on stand up pouches are:

Custom print with logo up to 10 colors, matte and spot glossy available

MOQ from 5000pcs for a start with gravure print

Free exist sample delivery for reference

The shortest delivery time for printed pouches can be less than 7 days

Welcome inquiry to pouchesbags know more about our stand up pouches.

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3 side seal pouch

1665284746717042.jpg 3 Side Seal Pouch

Flat Pouch | With Zipper | Customize Sizes

3 side seal pouches named because of the pouch are sealed at three sides and keep one side open, it is just a simple flat pouch with easy tearing and can be added with handle hold or zipper at one side. If you seal all four side and  keep on side a little gap open we can also call it 4 side seal pouch.

As one of the commonly used pouches in the world.  pouchesbags is proud to offer the 3 sides seal/flat pouch to our various clients. It can be manufactured to be as small as to accommodate a condom or as big as to pack a 10 kg rice.

pouchesbags 3 side seal pouch can be used for a variety of applications whether in food or non-food businesses; such as pharmaceuticals, beauty products, used for stock fresh meat, poultry, dried fruits, goji berries, or smoked salmon, also can serve single applications such as nutritional supplements to packaging instant soups.

The seal can be as narrow as to accommodate a toothbrush or as large as to package products that need scooping, it come in a range of styles to suit one’s specific product.

Reclosable zipper, all kind of zipper option, include Zippak special ziplock.

Can be made with or without window, clear or aluminum, kraft paper

Matte or Glossy finishing, One side or both side tearing option

All handle hole or punched hole available

Spouts or valve, laser scoring option

Start with 5000 pcs, available stock pouches

Let us know your request, contact us now.

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Pillow pouch

1665286401846020.jpgPillow pouch

Simple Pillow Inflatable Pouch | Customized Print

Fin Seal Pouch /Pillow pouch is the simplest pouch with a back and bottom seal.

It can be made with fin seal on one side or lap seal, also called it Center Seal pouch or T-seal pouch, Pillow Pouch, Lay-flat Pouches. The Fin seal pouch is normally used for packing potato chips and fried snack foods

It is also used in packaging hard candies, gummy, instant noodles, and frozen dumplings. Common in the supermarket shelves is the packing Lay’s or chips as well as colorful gummy and candy grain.

Some fin seal pouch packing chips are filled with nitrogen gas inside making the fin seal pouches to look large and full, but in actual sense, the pouch is only filled with small quantities of products inside.

MOQ start from 5K as a start

With simple CMYK color process for attractive images

Most made with simple 2 layer clear or foil material structure, some with 3 layer material

Can be made with the sewing edge effect or euro hold adding.

Send your inquiry for pouchesbags fin seal pouch/Pillow pouch now.

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Gusset Pouch

1665288127412404.jpgGusset Bag

Degas Valve Options | Coffee Bean Packaging

Gusset bag has three options: 1、Side gusset(normally two sides), we call it side gusset bag, normally use for coffee or tea packaging, can be standing on the table when laid the bag filled with products inside;  2、Bottom gusset(only one bottom), bottom gusset bag we call it to stand up pouch widely use for most industries, can be directly stand up even no products in it; 3、And the last one is both side(two sides) along with bottom gusset(one side) pouch option, we call it quad seal bag or block bottom pouch, box pouch or flat bottom pouch, normally use for premium products and it cost higher and complicated than above two bags.

Made the pouch with two side gusset or one bottom gusset depends on your needs, they made with both clear, aluminum foil or Kraft paper material. Gusset pouch has been used for hundreds of years, if you are someone searching for an ideal packaging format for your commodity, then, you are probably looking for the best deal available.

Coffee, tea, healthy, daily use, both food, pet-food, and non-food packaging

Start from 5000 pcs can be added with zipper, valve, tin-tie, laser scoring.

Matte and Glossy finished, with or without window.

Up to 10 colors printing and thickness, size, material customized

Stand up gusset bag can choose K, round or plow bottom

For about past years, gussets bags have been of great packaging advantages. Most packagers prefer gusset bags to other pouches for they are highly profitable and require minimal storage space. Send your inquiry on pouchesbags gusset bags now!

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Vacuum bag

1665291837218307.jpgFood Vacuum Bag/Vacuum Bag

Transparent & Printed Option | Freezable

Vacuum packing is the way to go nowadays. Nobody wants to throw away the food leftovers. For those that don’t possess fridges, this can be the best way to preserve food by using our food vacuum pouches.

The food vacuum bags reduce the atmospheric oxygen and hence reduce the growth of aerobic bacteria which causes food decay. Food packages also prevent the most volatile components from evaporation.

The main idea behind food vacuum bags is to remove air which is the main cause of food decay.

The bags are covered with a special treatment inner film at barrier layer that extends its shelf life. This enables them to preserve food four to five times when compared to plastic bags or containers. Our bags are made of the thickness of between 60 microns and 180 microns perfectly covered with a superior quality paper to prevent any entry of oxygen.

Delivery date is 7days-2 weeks normally and all prints are customized, contact us today!

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Spout pouch

1665292194315397.pngSpout Pouch

Custom Printed & Spout Color| 5000pcs Start

Spout pouches are one of our best sellers and focus products at Pouchesbags, we have a full range of spouts types, multi sizes, also a large volume of bags for our clients’ choice, it is the best innovative beverage and liquid packaging bag product.

In comparison to the normal plastic bottle, glass jars, aluminum cans, spout pouch are cost save in production, space, transportation, storage, and also it is recyclable.

It is refillable and can be easily carried with a tight seal and is much lighter in weight. This makes it more and more preferable for new buyers. We like start-up business and MOQ lower to custom 5000pcs or Stock pouch 100pcs for a start.

pouchebags spout pouch can be used widely used in a lot of industries. With a tight spout seal, it acts as a good barrier guaranteeing freshness, flavor, fragrance, and nutritional qualities or chemical potency. Especially used in:

Liquid, beverage, drinks, wine, juice, honey, sugar, sauce, packaging

Bone broth, squashes, purees lotions, detergent, cleaners, oils, fuels, etc.

It can be manual or automatic filled from both the pouch top and from the spout directly. Our most popular volume are 8 fl. oz-250ML, 16fl. oz-500ML and 32fl.oz-1000ML options, all other volumes are customized!

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Flat bottom bag

1665293052701722.pngQuad Seal Bag/Flat Bottom Pouch 

Large Volume | Window, Tap Zipper, Valve Option

Quad seal bag is also called block bottom pouch, flat bottom pouch or box pouch. The expandable side gussets provide enough room for more volume and capacity of the content making, most buyers unable to resist quad seal pouches.

Pouchesbags Quad Seal Bag/Flat Bottom Pouch  have double side gussets and can stand straight up easily, it has gussets that are joined to the two panels by the use of four seals. This means that all the four sides of the bag are sealed including the top part which is normally sealed after the filling process, all these properties offer the bags a reinforced structural design that enables the pouches to hold their shapes while on the shelves even when fully filled with contents.

Besides being strong, Quad Seal Bag/Flat Bottom Pouch  do not have a back sealing, hence both the face and back panels are undisturbed for better flexibility on additional placements and fittings.

Easily printable on all the four sides, up to 10 colors each side

For premium products packagings, like high-quality coffee or pet foods

Can be added with standard and tap zipper, valve, laser scoring, handle

Matte and Glossy treatment on the surface

100% FDA & BPA free material

MOQ start from 10000pcs per design

Pouchesbags offer you high quality quad seal bag to booming your business!

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Kraft paper bag

  • 1665293511944090.jpgKraft Paper Pouch

    Premium Custom Print, Size&Window| 5000Pcs MOQ

    Pouchesbags Kraft paper pouches are made from natural Japanese Daio Paper and Canadian kraft paper that offers bags with remarkable quality. Our kraft paper pouch has a laminated interior that has a barrier or foil lining to extend its shelf life. We can offer both white, black, and brown option paper and stand up pouch, flat bottom pouch for your choice.

    Besides longevity, Pouchesbags Kraft Paper Pouches are designed to offer your products maximum barrier protection counter to odors, UV light, and moisture.

    This is made possible as our bags come with resealable zippers and are airtightly sealed. Our heat-sealing option makes these pouches tamper-evident and keeps the contents safe for consumer use. You can use the following fittings to enhance the functionality of your Kraft Paper Pouches:

  • Punch Hole, Handle, All shaped of Window available.

  • Normal zipper, Pocket Zipper, Zippak zipper, and Velcro Zipper

  • Local Valve, Goglio & Wipf Valve, Tin-tie

  • Start from 5000 pcs MOQ for a start, print up to 10 colors.

  • Can be printed on plastic or directly on kraft paper, paper color all available, white, black, brown options.

  • Recyclable paper, high barrier property, premium looking.

  • Contact us to know more about our kraft paper pouches now!

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Square bottom bag

1665294483256692.jpgSquare bottom bag

This invention relating as indicated to a bag is more particularly directed to a square bottom bag. This term as used in the art designates a bag in which the bottom when filled extends at right-angles to the front and rear portions, or body portion, and is not used to denote the cross-section...

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Die cut bags


Die Cut Bags

These plastic bags with reinforced fold-over or reinforced patch die cut handles are functional, durable, and recyclable. Bottom gusset on select sizes. NOTE: An "eye spot" is printed in the corner of plastic bags for converting purposes.

Contact us to know more about our Die Cut Bags now!

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Aluminum Foil Bag

Aluminum Foil Bag

High Barrier&Durable | Custom Printed & Sizes

Aluminum foil bags must be the most common bags use for high barrier products packaging, like coffee, tea, or some airtight and high puncture resistance products. Sometimes looking for the most ideal packaging formats for your product can be a merely challenging task especially when you need a multi-layer structure design.

Aluminum foil bags made with 3 or 4 layers high resistance material, normally it will have one layer aluminum foil or metalized film in the middle of it to keep the products reach out of sunshine or direct light, this will keep products with longer shelf and have higher barrier properties.

FDA approved material and BPA free products

Highly durable, long shelf-life for products, against UV light, moisture, and oxygen

Good for chemical or products need keep reach out of light

MOQ start from 5000 pcs with lower cost

Suitable for coffee, tea, pet food or premium products packaging

Can be added with zipper, valve, laser scoring, window

Welcome to an inquiry to Pouchesbags Now!

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Roll film

1665295781983070.pngFlexible Packaging Film Roll

Flexible Packaging Film is mainly used for food or non-food automatic packing line use, flexible packaging films also called lamination film or roll stock.

Most flexible packaging films are made with 2 layers of material, some with 3 layers, and usually not very thick that will save cost in large volume and high-speed processes.

In order to save cost for our clients, we will offer numerous material options for the testing at the client’s side, this will save cost and ensure quality and efficiency, in this way Pouchesbags is trusted by many leading contract packagers, CPG’s, and mid-sized manufacturers.

For flexible packaging film we can customize with:

Matte or Glossy finishing

Printing up to 10 colors

Start MOQ with 100KG by gravure print

By digital print start from 1Kg

FDA approved and BPA free material

At Pouchesbags, we stand out when it comes to customizing applications. We provide you with flexible packaging film designs with regard to your product specifications. Welcome to inquiry now!

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Biodegradable bag

1665295951997167.pngBiodegradable bag

Biodegradable plastic bags

To put it simply, something is biodegradable when living things, like fungi or bacteria, can break it down. Biodegradable bags are made from plant-based materials like corn and wheat starch rather than petroleum.

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Zipper bag

Zipper bagA plastic bag with a zipperon an inner surface of an upper opening portionof a bag body composed of plastic filmsand, the zipper having a grooveand a protrusionbeing engaging with and disengaging from each other. Both sidesand a bottom sideof the bagD are fused, and cut-offsare made at both sides in the upper portion. With the zipper, the upper portioncan be opened and closed

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Plastic bag

1665296400199788.pngCompositePlastic bag A composite material (also called a composition material or shortened to composite, which is the common name) is a material which is produced from two or more constituent materials.[1] These constituent materials have notably dissimilar chemical or physical properties and are merged to create a material with properties unlike the individual elements.

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